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Pardee Homes Brings Green Commitments to LA County

Los Angeles, CA, March 11, 2009 — Pardee Homes has announced that its new home neighborhoods in Los Angeles County have qualified for the California Green Builder (CGB) designation. These include two new neighborhoods in the builder’s Santa Clarita master-planned community of Fair Oaks Ranch.

“With California Green Builder, we are building greener and more cost-effective homes for our homebuyers and the communities in which we build, and we are delighted to add Los Angeles County to our company’s roster of green commitments,” said Mike McGee, president and CEO of Pardee Homes.

“Pardee Homes was one of the first California homebuilders to recognize the benefits of the California Green Builder program,” said Justin Dunning, LEED Accredited Professional and CGB Program Manager. “We applaud their steadfast commitment to CGB and to the homebuyers and communities that benefit from that commitment.”

As certified by independent inspectors, CGB-compliant homes exceed by at least 15% California’s Title 24 energy requirements, already the toughest in the nation. CGB standards also include diverting at least 50% of construction and jobsite waste; reducing water use by at least 20,000 gallons annually compared to contemporary "non-green" homes; and using lumber and wood efficiently.

“CGB’s energy savings measures alone are a real plus for homeowners because they can translate to lower home operating costs,” said Joyce Mason, vice president of marketing for Pardee Homes. She added that CGB criteria also promote better indoor air quality via advanced heating and air conditioning systems and filters, and the use of low VOC (volatile organic compound) materials. These measures are part of Pardee Homes’ CGB compliance throughout Los Angeles County.

CGB water-conserving measures include innovative plumbing systems and fixtures and either new designs for landscaping and irrigation or enrollment in the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s California Friendly® water conservation program. CGB builders also utilize lumber and wood products that come from sustainable forest certifiers, such as the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) and the American Tree Farm System (ATFS).

Independent third-party inspections and diagnostics of energy features verify a builder’s CGB compliance. “CGB inspections and diagnostics can also tell us where and how we may need to make corrections,” said Mason. “These steps provide buyers with the assurance that they will enjoy CGB’s many benefits.”

Established in 1921, Pardee Homes is one of the nation’s most prominent multi-regional builders. Noted for lifestyle designs that also feature energy efficiency, advanced technologies and other sustainable concepts, Pardee Homes is active in California’s San Diego, Inland Empire and Los Angeles/Ventura regional markets, and in Las Vegas.  The company emphasizes master-planned communities that include schools, parks and preserved open space, and has earned wide recognition for quality construction, customer service, green and sustainable building practices and dedication to the educational and civic goals of the communities in which it builds. See Also see


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