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Sabrient Sabrient Research Team Partners with Options Industry Veteran Stutland Volatility Group to Launch Stutland Volatility Funds

Long/Short Expertise Anchors the Joint Venture

Chicago, Ill., March 24--Sabrient Systems and Stutland Volatility Group (SVG) announce the formation of Stutland Volatility Funds (SVF), an asset management firm offering a suite of long/short quant funds designed to deliver superior stock selection with enhanced risk management.  SVF will benefit hedge funds, actively managed ETFs, mutual fund distributors and privately managed accounts for investors starting at $100,000.
“As U.S. markets approach 11 years of negative and near zero returns, simple buy-and-hold is no longer acceptable as a viable investment strategy,” said SVG Managing Partner Brian Stutland. With Stutland, Sabrient President Scott Brown and SVG’s Luke Rahbari will manage SVF.
“Investors want consistent returns that avoid the pitfalls of b uy-and-hold strategies of years past,” said Stutland. “With Sabrient’s track record in stock ranking and Stutland’s strength in designing and executing effective risk mediation strategies with derivatives and structured products, SVF is uniquely positioned to deliver on these expectations.”
Sabrient’s proven long/short strategies strengthen SVF capabilities. “These strategies consistently surpass the buy-and-hold model, once the gold bar for so many investors,” said Brown.

            SVF Methodology:

  • SVF will utilize active stock selection metrics of the Sabrient ranking system to gain exposure to core long and short positions.

  • SVF will analyze volatility curves and skews to enhance portfolio performance and use innovative options trades to average dollar-cost trades with lower capital use.

  • Active overlays and VIX hedging strategies will be deployed to control market risk and enhance returns.

“In contrast to most mutual funds, SVF is a multi-step stock selection and implementation fund that begins with active stock selection metrics to make its buy and sell decisions on a large universe of stocks,” explained Rahbari, a 20-year veteran of the options markets.
SVF will follow establishment of its active stock selection metrics with a combination of stocks and options to find the most efficient entry and exit points for the trades. “Once the positions are established, specific exit points are determined,” said Rahbari. “Then positions are hedged or re-balanced according to the Sabrient ranking universe.”
While SVF begins with a focus on four core investment areas, it will not be limited to them. “Our combined, diversified expertise and the SVF structure allow us to be flexible, nimble and responsive to the continuous changes that the global investment world generates for us all,” said Brown.
Please direct SVF inquiries to: Luke Rahbari at Stutland via email to
Interview: David Brown, Sabrient founder and chief market strategist; Scott Brown, Sabrient president; Luke Rahbari, SVG Principal and Brian Stutland, founder and managing partner of SVG. Also see SVF at


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