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Pardee Homes Ups Green Pledge

LivingSmart® Program Now Company Wide

Los Angeles, April 14, 2009 -- Multi-regional homebuilder and developer Pardee Homes announces the company-wide expansion of its LivingSmart® brand, a package of standard and optional measures that boost energy efficiency, save water, improve indoor air quality and encourage material conservation and the use of recycled or sustainable resources in new homes. Since 1998, the company has incorporated advanced energy-efficiency in its new homes, and expanded its pursuit of green and sustainable measures in 2001 with the introduction of LivingSmart at Pacific Highlands Ranch in San Diego.

Now, Pardee Homes applies LivingSmart to every price point and every market in which it is building new homes and/or developing master-planned communities. Implementation begins with projects in active sales and construction phases, although LivingSmart will not apply to already built homes in these phases; individual sales offices can supply details. Pardee Homes plans to incorporate LivingSmart standards in all of its upcoming new home projects.

Company President and CEO Michael McGee said buyers of a new home from Pardee Homes could look forward to lower energy and water bills, healthier indoor air and greater indoor comfort.

“Saving money, promoting health, improving comfort and using resources efficiently are virtues we can all relate to,” said McGee. “LivingSmart brings practical, tangible rewards to our homebuyers and defines our commitment to conserve water, land and energy.”

Pardee Homes’ LivingSmart brand complements state and federal codes and initiatives geared to green. McGee cited California’s Title 24, California Green Builder® certification, the National Association of Home Builders Green Points program and California Metropolitan Water Districts’ Water Wise programs.

LivingSmart is a key component of Pardee Homes’ progressive, incremental improvements in green design and construction and sustainable development. Begun in 1998, this continues to include painstaking research into products, systems, quality control and research to determine what homebuyers want in green—and what they feel they can afford.

“Great programs must be tempered with feasibility in the production housing framework,” said McGee. “We have maintained this dual focus since introducing our first energy-efficient homes and it has paid off with greener homes that are still competitively priced.”

LivingSmart provides standard materials, systems and features with EnergySmart™,  EarthSmart™,  WaterSmart™ and HealthSmart™ advantages. Energy efficiency exceeds California’s Title 24 criteria, already the toughest in the nation. Water-thrifty appliances and plumbing, sustainably farmed lumber and low-formaldehyde insulation are among other LivingSmart standards.

To these buyers can add such features as photovoltaic systems for in-home solar power; whole house water filtration; tankless water heaters and bamboo flooring. These and other optional features vary by home and neighborhood.

McGee said LivingSmart reinforces the company’s move toward more sustainable community planning. Demonstrated in many of its master plans, this features open space and tree preservation, habitat restoration and indigenous, drought tolerant landscaping. Proximity to employment, transit and commercial and recreational amenities strengthens smart growth principles in selected communities.

Pardee Homes has earned top honors for its green and sustainable achievements, including the California Governor’s Economic and Environmental Leadership Award; NAHB’s Green Building and Energy, Value Housing Awards; and PCBC’s Gold Nugget Awards. The company works with the industry to support environmental research and advancement and participates in diverse professional forums on green building.

Established in 1921, Pardee Homes is active in California’s San Diego, Inland Empire and Los Angeles/Ventura markets, and in Las Vegas.  The company emphasizes master-planned communities that include schools, parks and open space, and is noted for quality construction, customer service and dedication to the educational and civic goals of the communities in which it builds. See


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