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Pardee Homes “Summer of Solar” Giveaway For Los Angeles/Ventura Area New-Home Buyers Means A Solar Power System With Purchase + Big, Long-Term Savings Potential on Their Energy Bills

SunPower Corp.  Will Install Its High-Efficiency, Roof-Integrated SunTile™ System For Buyers in Pardee Neighborhoods at Moorpark Highlands in Moorpark and Fair Oaks Ranch® in Santa Clarita Valley

Los Angeles, June 15, 2010 --  New home shoppers in the Los Angeles/Ventura counties area who make their pick with Pardee Homes this summer can secure their own reliable, emission-free power now and over the long term, thanks to a solar package giveaway that’s included with a new home purchase.  “Our ‘Summer of Solar’ opportunity is unprecedented,” said Joyce Mason, vice president of marketing for Pardee Homes.

“Buyers gain a premium, price-included solar package, adding to the pleasures of having a stylish, high-quality new home,” she said. “Plus that new home already offers superior energy efficiency and the many additional green benefits of our award-winning LivingSmart® brand.”

This special offer applies only to new homes that are just starting construction at Cherry Hill in Moorpark Highlands in Moorpark, in Ventura County, California and to Laurel Park and Oak Crest in Fair Oaks Ranch® in the Santa Clarita Valley in Los Angeles County. The offer features the high-efficiency1.4 kilowatt, roof-integrated system SunTile™ system, designed and installed by SunPower Corp. (NASDAQ:SPWRA).

Mason said that buyers with solar power in their new home can expect significant savings on energy bills during peak summer months as a key benefit of the “Summer of Solar” package. Additionally, they may qualify for a federal tax credit equal to 30% of the value of their new solar power system.

Mason noted that if SunPower’s system produces more electricity than your new home consumes, the electric meter runs backwards and you receive credit from your local utility. “Solar power helps you contain utility expenses, and generates renewable energy effortlessly,” said Mason.  “It’s non-polluting, has no moving parts and turns on automatically.”

SunPower’s roof-integrated SunTile™ solar electric system is aesthetically pleasing and high-performance, with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and 25-year power output warranty. Plus, most homes in the “Summer of Solar” program can also accept an optional, larger SunPower system, which can enhance cost savings, as well as the federal tax credit.

“SunPower manufactures the most efficient solar technology available today, and we are proud of the system they are bringing to our ‘Summer of Solar’ homebuyers!” Mason said.

“This exceptional solar package underscores Pardee Homes’ unswerving commitment to greener, more sustainable homes and communities,” she added. “Higher energy efficiency inspired LivingSmart more than a decade ago, and solar power greatly enhances its energy-savings component.”

LivingSmart meets or exceeds local, state and national standards for green home building. It offers more than 30 included and optional green features, materials and systems that boost energy efficiency, save water, improve indoor air quality and encourage material conservation and the use of recycled or sustainable resources in new homes.

Exclusively available in Pardee Homes’ LA/Ventura counties market, “Summer of Solar” applies to the purchase of available new homes just starting construction at Moorpark Highlands or at Fair Oaks Ranch. Both of these Pardee Homes master-planned communities feature significant open space preserves, recreational amenities and proximity to Metrolink, freeways and shopping and services.

Pricing is from the upper $600,000s at Cherry Hill in Moorpark Highlands. These detached homes are in a gated area, and offer up to 5 bedrooms and 4 baths, in plans ranging from approximately 2,607 to 3,479 square feet, plus an attached garage.
At Fair Oaks Ranch, Laurel Park homes are priced from the mid $400,000s, and offer approximately 1,830 to 2,432 square feet of living space with up to 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, plus attached garage. From the high $500,000s, Oak Crest homes have approximately 3,211 to 3,960 square feet and up to 6 bedrooms and 4 baths, plus attached garage. and

“Home shoppers see many claims of energy efficiency when they look at new homes,” noted Matt Brost, general manager of SunPower’s New Homes Division. “When they come to Pardee Homes’ neighborhoods, they find that this company delivers—its LivingSmart homes exceed California’s Title 24, by at least 15%, and Title 24 is by far the nation’s toughest energy code.

“With the SunTile system SunPower is providing to Pardee’s ‘Summer of Solar’ program, buyers will be doing much more than protecting themselves against rising energy prices,” Brost added. “Solar power reduces oil and natural gas use by offsetting peak electricity demand, and it’s a vital part of our national effort to develop clean, renewable, domestic energy.”

Mason urged home shoppers to obtain more details on “Summer of Solar by visiting the Laurel Park, Oak Crest and Cherry Hill model centers. “SunPower is providing all the tools buyers need to understand the solar investment tax credit, analyze the economics and determine the value of solar power for themselves and their families,” she said. “They will also find customer satisfaction surveys, answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and much more.

Prospective home buyers can also begin by contacting online sales counselors with Pardee Homes, which provides this service as part of its BuyingSmart™ program. The online, interactive buying guide provides assistance  for each step of the home buying process. Learn more at

“Summer has always been a great time to buy a new home,” Mason added. “With our ‘Summer of Solar’ offer, summer is now the time!”


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